Sunday, January 8, 2012

Medicaid, oh Medicaid

Rarely has one program that has helped so many people in such dire situations generated so much controversy, confusion and angst as Medicaid. While it is beyond our organization's mission to propose a better system, it is within our objectives to reduce some of the confusion with regards to qualifying for Medicaid.

Even more confusing than qualifying for Medicaid is trying to understand the benefits provided by the long term care program and all its related waivers. Some of the confusion stems from the fact that the program serves many constituents under the same name; children, the poor, pregnant mothers, the disabled and the elderly all can receive benefits from Medicaid. Undoubtedly more confusion is generated because the program has different policies, waivers and procedures in each state. Our organization continues its ongoing effort to highlight those Medicaid programs which are relevant to the elderly and their families. We've published over 100 articles on Medicaid waivers and benefits.

Many families hold the outdated view of Medicaid that it only helps individuals that reside in nursing homes. While maybe accurate at one point in time, today families can receive assistance from Medicaid at home, in adult day care, assisted living, foster care homes and in nursing homes. Medicaid even helps adult children to get paid to care for their parents or other elderly relatives. This relatively new concept has grown from a pilot program called Cash and Counseling. We maintain a database of all programs nationwide that offer this option which is also referred to as consumer direction.. Read about consumer direction in Medicaid.