Monday, November 12, 2012

Financial and Other Assistance to Help Care for Aging Veterans

We have been meaning to review veterans' option for assisted living, home care and nursing homes for some time now. Just in time for Veterans' Day, we have published our Veterans Guide to Paying for Long Term Care. In this guide, we look at all the financial assistance options available specifically for veterans in all areas of aging care regardless of the source of funding.
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The majority of assistance comes from the Veterans Administration but surprisingly not all of it from VA Health Care or VA Medical Benefits. Veterans Home and Community Based Services, Veterans Pensions, supplemental insurance benefits for military retirees and other grant programs can help to offset the out-of-pocket costs of caring for an aging loved one who served this country. In addition to these programs, there are several forms of assistance specifically for veterans from non-governmental organizations. Non-profits also have programs whose benefits are intended to help US Veterans.

The organization of our Guide is intended to direct individuals by need. If a veteran is seeking residential care, the types of assistance are organized according to the type of residential care they require. If the individual is seeking home care, assistance is structured for the different types of home care. There is also a section on areas of assistance not provided by health care professionals or family caregivers. This includes the available options that help pay for durable or home medical equipment and assistive technologies that can reduce the veteran's dependence on others. Lastly, is the area of home modifications to account for service-related disabilities and other disabilities or physical challenges associated with aging.

Visit our Veterans Guide to Paying for Long Term Care