Tuesday, November 4, 2014

12 Most Popular Articles on Financial Options for Elder Care

Many people discover our website through search. We are very happy to be there when people need more information about financial options for caring for an elderly loved one. Over the six years that we have been providing information services for programs and support for caring for seniors, we have learned a lot about what people are looking to learn more about. Here is the list of our most popular articles:

1. Home Care Financial Assistance and Payment Options – Article

Home care is increasing in popularity and it is easy to see why this information rich article tops our list. In this article, we take a closer look at the costs that are involved in home care, define the most important terms, and explain how the major long term care programs will and will not help cover the costs of home care.

2. Financial Assistance and Funding Options for Assisted Living – Article

Assisted living is an attractive and very diverse set of services. For families who are new to elder care, this informative article will serve as an excellent primer on topic. We review the costs and financial options for paying for assisted living. A wide variety of options are discussed from creative uses of home equity to clarifying which types of services Medicare will cover.

3. Medicaid's Assisted Living Benefits: Availability and Eligibility – Article

Medicaid has expanded, state by state, towards offering more assisted living benefits for eligible seniors. In this article, we dive into the topic on how, when, and where Medicaid can be used to cover assisted living expenses. Readers, no doubt, appreciate the comprehensive table of all state Medicaid assisted living benefits.

4. Receive Payment as a Caregiver: Cash and Counseling and Other Options – Article

From its debut as a pilot program, Medicaid’s Cash and Counseling options have been extremely popular. The programs have grown significantly over the years and the appeal is not hard to see. These flexible programs are often used to help pay family caregivers. Readers likely value our factual approach and well linked articles.

5. Costs of Senior Care – Article

As the title suggests, this article introduces the reader to many of the costs, fees, and less known expenses associated with caring for an elderly loved one. Updated annually, readers learn what average costs are and how they vary by geography and other factors.

6. Medicaid and Long Term Care for the Elderly – Article

Continuing with our friendly and helpful tone, this article seeks to assist the reader with gaining a basic understanding of how Medicaid functions. We address some of the common misunderstandings, clarify the various names that the programs are called, and explain the eligibility requirements. This is an invaluable crash course on using Medicaid for long term care.

7. Medicaid's Home Care Benefits: Eligibility, Waivers & Application Information – Article

Addressing another popular topic, this article seeks to make sense out of Medicaid’s benefits for home care. While a federal program, Medicaid is implemented by the states. The policy is made quite complex by all the state variations. Readers save not just money but their time spent researching Medicaid.

8. Making and Paying for Home Modifications to Enable Aging in Place – Article

Anyone who has had to care for an elderly loved one in their home will understand how daily life can be made extremely difficult by common architectural features. Readers will learn how to receive assistance to pay for modifications to allow a senior to continue living in their home and community.

9. Medicaid Planning: When it is Necessary and Finding Assistance – Article

While our informative site provides a lot of knowledge for family caregivers looking after an elderly loved one, a professional Medicaid planner can apply their specialized knowledge to their particular senior’s situation to help the family save money. This article will help a family decide whether to work with a Medicaid planning professional.

10. How to Pay for Nursing Home Care – Article

Skilled nursing might be necessary for some seniors. In this article, we dive deeply into this topic and how to make sure that the reader gets the information that they need to provide for an elderly loved one. From Veteran’s benefits to Medicare, this article reviews all of the programs and explains how they can be used. We also included a table on home nursing daily rates in all 50 states.

11. Paying for Walk-in Tubs: Medicare's Benefits and Other Financial Help – Article

Somewhat surprisingly, we discovered that this article’s focus on one particular home modification was very popular with readers. Walk-in tubs are sometimes a key feature that allow an elderly person to continue to live in the home where they are most comfortable. Medicare can be sometimes used to help offset the costs of walk-in tubs.

12. Types of Senior Care: Definitions and Comparisons – Article

Rounding out our review of the top 12 pages on our site is another great introduction for readers new to elder care. The field has many specific terms that can confuse someone. Often these particular terms make the difference whether one is eligible or not. Readers learn essential information that helps them throughout their care giving journey.