Thursday, September 17, 2015

Find Programs That Pay Family Caregivers

Giving Caregivers a Helping Hand
Anyone who has worked in the eldercare space for long can tell you the most common question they hear. "Can I get paid for caring for my loved one?" This is a complicated question and there is not a single answer for everyone. Today we are happy to announce that we have made answering this question a little bit easier with the launch of our Paid Caregiver Program Locator.

Nationwide there are over 100 programs that can pay family members or friends for the caregiving efforts they provide to their loved ones. However finding these programs and understanding their complex eligibility requirements is a major challenge, especially for time-constrained caregivers. Now caregivers can search our comprehensive database of programs by answering a few simple questions describing their situation and quickly discover if they are any programs available to them.

The need to pay caregivers can best be illustrated by statistics which clearly show what a major burden our caregivers carry both economic and otherwise. In the US today, there are approximately 35 million individuals providing unpaid care for aging family and friends. They provide an average of 25 hours / week of care for an average of 4 years. Over half of them work full-time in addition to caregiving and 60% of those individuals, not surprisingly, say their caregiving responsibilities have impacted their work.

Lastly, 84% of caregivers say they require more information about caregiving topics. Since we know their number one question is about financial assistance programs, we hope Paid Caregiver Program Locator can reduce that last statistic.

View's new Paid Caregiving Program Locator.