Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adult Day Care: 5 Things Everyone Should Know

1) Adult day care is, by far, the most affordable form of elder care available.  In 2013, the average cost of adult day care across the US is $65 / day.   In some states, especially in the Southeastern USA, adult day care and adult day health care can be found for as little as $35 / day.   In the Northeast, the cost is slightly higher averaging in the $80 - $90 / day.  Learn about how to pay for adult day care.

2) Many seniors are resistant to the idea of adult day care, but end up liking it.   This is a rather common scenario perhaps due to an outdated idea of what senior care is or a failure to distinguish between nursing homes and day care.  Regardless of the reason, when seniors experience the diverse social activities and camaraderie which exists in adult day care, most end up liking it and looking forward to the days on which they will participate. 

3) Getting to and from adult day care is not that difficult.  Approximately 70% of adult day care centers offer transportation services for program participants.  There are also many volunteer services that offer transportation for the elderly and other programs which receive federal money to provide discounted transportation assistance. 

4) There is more than one kind of adult day care.  There are adult day care centers that provide personal care and there are more sophisticated adult day health care centers which offer nursing home level care.  There are also centers which specialize in helping individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia; referred to as Alzheimer's Day Care Centers.  Find adult day care that meets your loved one's needs.

5) Adult day care centers are licensed and regulated.  Each state has different guidelines but generally speaking, staff members are subject to background checks, there are minimum staff-to-patient ratios as well as minimum staff-on-premise requirements.

The most important thing to know about adult day care is that it can be very flexible.  Most families who bring a loved one to adult day care find that not only can they make it work, but that it works very well for their loved ones, their caregivers and themselves.  Families can try adult day care for a week without making any commitments and they can choose the hours and days which work for them.  

Learn more about paying for adult day care or find a adult day care center near you.