Thursday, May 2, 2013

Help Paying for Bathroom Safety, Power Wheelchairs and Incontinence Supplies

Our organization attempts to let our website audience drive the site's content.  By analyzing the questions we receive and we can determine our content development priorities.  We have long produced in-depth content about how to pay for home care supplies and durable medical equipment and the resources which are available as financial assistance.  While this information is valuable, we recently recognized that people visiting our website are more task driven.  Instead of wanting to understand the options available for home medical equipment, they want to know specifically if (for example) Medicare will pay for bathroom safety modifications or for a motorized wheelchair. 

To accommodate this task driven approach, we are trying a new approach to content development.  Recently we published three articles which attempt to answer very specific questions about home medical equipment, home modifications for aging in a place and home care supplies.  Available now on the website are our guides to paying for bathroom safety modifications, such as walk-in tubs, paying for motorized and manual wheelchairs and paying for adult diapers and other incontinence supplies

We are hoping this approach will provide families with faster answers to their questions.  However, we continue to press that families should consider the larger picture of how to manage caring for a loved one financially even while addressing problems which require immediate solutions.  Please don't hesitate to provide feedback both on the helpfulness of the articles we've published as well as the need for articles on subjects we have not yet published.